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JUNCOR has costumers in all industry areas, from food and beverage to transports, going through fluid technology, inert exploration and processing, mining, metallurgy, pulp and paper, machine tools, mechatronics.

Their solutions enable the following: improving the performance without compromising the processes; experiencing a state of satisfaction truly distinguished – helping on building up consistent and coherent processes which drive to save money, in various manners, and that is a competitive advantage. For that reason, JUNCOR’s 24h/7d service presents itself as an important competitive advantage.

JUNCOR has been established in 1976, having in mind transmission belts and conveyor belts (currently produced in rubber, PVC, PU and metal) – both reselling and tailor-made – and some other industrial accessories. One very important success factor, coming from the very first moment, is the close connection to the best manufacturers worldwide, as Optibelt, Contitech, Iwis, Schaeffler (INA / FAG) and Siemens Flender, for example.

In the course of time and business maturity, JUNCOR added some other products to the portfolio, among which are: Belt Pulleys, Transmission and Transport Chains and Sprockets, Gears, Bearings and related, Linear Motion, Couplings and Motors, Centralized Lubrication Systems, Motor Bases and Vibration Isolation Technology.

At present, the company also offers a wide range of services, which complements the product portfolio: Vulcanization, 24 Service, Transmission Calculations, Training, Project, Reconditioning and B2B Portal.

JUNCOR’s structure is supported upon two fundamental bases:

1) A dynamic and always updated Sales Force;

2) Customized performance on the supplied products. JUNCOR is certified on Quality Systems, according to NP EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and hygiene, health and safety at work, according to OHSAS 18001:2007 and NP 4397:2008 standards. From the headquarters, in Porto (north), and from the branch, in Montijo (south), JUNCOR is able to cover all the Portuguese territory and, meanwhile, also attends abroad in markets like Angola and Mozambique. With a stiffer technical and commercial attitude, JUNCOR proceeds adding movement to your business.




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