MD-IDEX Registration & guidelines

MD-IDEX Registration & guidelines

The EPTDA Manufacturer-Distributor Idea Exchange (MD-IDEX) is a unique program specifically designed to allow both distributors and manufacturers to meet in an organized, time-efficient context, following the guidelines below:

Registration & eligibility

It is mandatory for EPTDA manufacturer members to host a table at the MD-IDEX / OPEN MD-IDEX sessions. The table is booked automatically during the registration process for each EPTDA Annual Convention. The total number of meeting slots available is 12, and both distributors and EPTDA manufacturer members are eligible to book respectively 7 and 5 meeting slots.

Only EPTDA member companies and qualified distributor prospects can participate in the MD-IDEX. Non-member manufacturer companies cannot attend this program. Prospective distributor members can participate both during the MD-IDEX and the Open MD-IDEX meeting sessions. All member company employees are welcome to attend, but must be registered for the Annual Convention individually beforehand.

EPTDA Distributor companies who have registered for the event are automatically entitled to participate in the MD-IDEX program and make appointments with manufacturers.

Appointment setting

Appointments must be made through the dedicated on-line MD-IDEX appointment maker ( within a specific span of time, during which participating distributors can set meetings with manufacturers, and vice-versa. After these specific booking sessions, the set appointments cannot be changed.

Cancellations by the "inviting" company are only possible during the allocated booking session. The invited company may not refuse an appointment made by the inviting company.


Attending pre-scheduled appointments is mandatory for all MD-IDEX participants. By arranging a meeting session, participants commit to attend their set appointments. In case of absence due to unforeseeable circumstances, the signed-up participants are required to inform the other party duly.


All EPTDA manufacturing companies hosting an MD-IDEX Table must ensure a permanent presence of decision-making level company representatives, during the MD-IDEX and Open MD-IDEX sessions. In case of absence due to unforeseeable circumstances, the signed up participants are required to inform the other parties duly.

Materials & display

MD-IDEX manufacturer participants may display literature and a limited number of small-sized product samples on their hosted table. All the material must fit on the table provided.

MD-IDEX participants are responsible for handling the shipment of their own samples / literature. Shipping information will be provided upon request.

No signs, banners or other corporate promotional items may be posted around the table or anywhere in the hotel, except for sponsors, as provided for by their specific Sponsorship agreements.

Private arrangements

EPTDA Annual Convention policies prohibit holding private meetings, hospitality events and other events outside the scheduled Manufacturer Hospitalities / Private Networking Time, which are organized for this particular purpose.

The Open MD-IDEX session is considered as an additional opportunity for distributors and manufacturers to network and socialize.



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