Idriss Aberkane

President of the Bioniria Foundation

Dr. Idriss Aberkane is President of the Bioniria Foundation (Swiss Foundation for Bioinspiration), President of General Bionics SA, President of Chréage SA and Founder of the zero-rate microcredit operator Eirin International in Senegal (which has planted more than 20,000 trees and supports more than 40 families in the Senegal river valley).

Holder of three doctorates, one of which from the polytechnic school at 29, he was a visiting scholar at Stanford University at the age of 21. He has given over 440 lectures worldwide, in three languages, and his book Free Your Brain has been translated into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Greek and Russian, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Dutch, Greek. He is an editorial writer for Le Point magazine, and a frequent contributor to TEDEX talks.


Love can do.

Why are certain companies above the fray?

The industrial revolution has left us with a major lie: that we cannot be productive and fulfilled at the same time; we have either to be productive and depressed, or to be fulfilled and unproductive.

While this contradiction is becoming more and more disproved, especially for technological companies in the West, in the East this opposition between productivity and fulfillment is still very much present at all levels of management.

By presenting simple but powerful principles of behavioral neuropsychology, this talk will demonstrate rigorously that fulfillment is actually the one and best tool to maximize productivity and innovation and that whenever employees experience a strong and positive emotional attachment to their task, the output of their work will manifest the “PPR” of love, mainly precision, perseverance and risk-taking, all three fundamental ingredients of excellence.

We conclude by describing the two highest forms of excellence: excellence through fun and excellence through love.