EPTDA’s Host / Buddy Program.

What is that?

A program whereunder an existing EPTDA Manufacturer or Distributor member (the “host / buddy”) may invite companies eligible for EPTDA membership to join the EPTDA Convention as his guest.

More details, please?

The purpose of EPTDA’s Host / Buddy Program is to give new potential members the possibility to experience the full benefits of being a member of our association; it goes without saying there is no better opportunity to provide such experience than during EPTDA’s Annual Business Convention.

What is my role as buddy?

  • Offering assistance and guidance to your guest during EPTDA’s Convention.
  • Introducing your guest to other EPTDA members.
  • Helping your guest to integrate in the activities

I am interested. What are the next steps?

Informing the EPTDA Bureau on the company you would like to invite as your Guest. The EPTDA Bureau will check your guest’s eligibility and take it on from there, while keeping you accurately informed. If the suggested company is eligible as Guest, he may participate to all events of the Convention, free of charge, and will pay only his travel and hotel costs


Jointly building the greatest convention.

Because EPTDA is linking people, driving success.

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