Donghua is the preferred partner for leading original equipment manufacturers in agriculture, industrial drive technology and lifting and hoisting technology. OEM initial assembly and our selected MRO partners benefit from our knowledge of chain solutions.

Unique program available from stock

Donghua International has its leading chain program in stock in Alkmaar and at several strategic locations in Europe. This extends beyond the standard and heavy-duty programs and also includes their unique and highly comprehensive Solution Range of application-specific chains.

Partnering with MRO and OEM

Collaboration with MRO partners revolves around knowledge sharing and specialty products. Through training courses and working with our engineering team, they stay updated on chain systems and can provide customized specialty products for customers. End users can access our comprehensive range of 12,000 chain variants across six series exclusively through our carefully selected partners.


At Donghua, innovation is at the core of our operations. Each year, we generate around 800 product innovations through extensive research and development. We focus on materials, composition, post-processing, finishing, and the long-term impact of these decisions. These findings lead to improvements and additions to our product range, and we promptly implement them in our partnerships, ensuring immediate practical benefits for our customers.