So, this is your First Time?

Then let’s make the best of it!

Participating at one of the most popular events in the Power Transmission/ Motion Control industry for the very first time can be a little overwhelming and, exciting. So, here are a few steps you can follow to make your experience an unforgettable one.

Before the convention

Have you booked your hotel room already?

If yes, you can skip to the next step.

If not, hurry up: go on the “Hotel” section, and use the dedicated link to book your room. Keep in mind that, this year there are 2 hotels where EPTDA guests will be accommodated – Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre and Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Landmark.

Download the Convention App

Download the Brella app, sign in and you will find there the official program, info about the speakers and the list of participants with whom you can already connect and interact. Before, and especially during the convention, you will get notifications in real time, helping you organize your agenda better and arrange your networking meetings.

Book your MD-IDEX meetings with the Convention App

At the beginning of September you will get separate emails explaining how & when to make your bookings, as the platform has a certain schedule when distributors and manufacturers companies can make their bookings. If you are representing a manufacturer company, but you are not yet an EPTDA member, you cannot book any MD-IDEX meetings. Instead, you have plenty of time and spaces to meet with convention delegates outside these organized sessions and you can use the convention app to contact your persons of interest and set-up a meeting there.

Check your emails

Fast forward to a couple of days before the convention: Check your travel itineraries, pack your bags, bring some joy and excitement – the convention is about to start for you. Don’t forget to check your emails too, the EPTDA Bureau might have some last-minute messages for you.

Dress code

Last, but not least, the dress code is business casual attire. We want you to feel comfortable while discussing with your peers, colleagues, business partners.

At the convention

Welcome, you are now part of the #EPTDA2023Amsterdam Annual Business Convention! (Yes, we encourage you to use the hashtag #)

Let’s see what’s happening during the event:

Wednesday, 27 September

  • Registration Desk for the EPTDA 2023 Convention opens on Wednesday, 27 September, starting with 9:00 a.m, in the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, up on the 1st floor. Go there and you can pick-up your delegate pack, including your event badge. If you need any information, you can ask the EPTDA Bureau representative that will be there to help you.
  • In the afternoon, the EPTDA Leadership Academy workshop is taking place, from 14:00 until 17:30, with a coffee break at 15:30. If you registered for it, you will be guided to the workshop room. If you didn’t register for it, go to the next point.

  • There is a special First Timers Welcome Reception organized for you, starting with 18:30, in the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, up on the 1st floor, Matterhorn room. For 1 hour you will meet, greet, and network with EPTDA’s volunteers that will introduce you to the event, as well as with the other first timers. By the way, this reception is a first-time for everyone, so we’re all looking forward to meeting you – by the time the convention officially started, you will have already made new acquaintances. You will get more details via email and in your delegate pack.

  • After the First Timers Welcome Reception, everyone will move and join the general Welcome Reception, at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA) – next to the hotel.

  • Take this opportunity to warm-up, have a drink, meet other delegates. Around 20:00, we will start the Welcome Dinner and… the entertainment part is a surprise that we hope you will enjoy!

  • After dinner – have a good sleep and rest, there are 2 more days full of networking opportunities, meetings, and interesting content!

Thursday, 28 September

  • Start the morning with a good breakfast!

  • At 08:30 AM, come and meet us in the PTA. There will be a useful presentation of the 2024 trends, hosted by Connor Lokar from ITR Economics, followed by the keynote presentation about how to “Bust myths about AI and bridge the gap to real value for business and society” by Elin Hauge, followed by a panel discussion.

  • Take a break and get a coffee, tea or another soft drink, your will need a boost of energy for the upcoming MD-IDEX meeting sessions. You can enjoy your drink in the Intelligence Bar area, one of the networking spaces arranged for our guests.

  • Enjoy your MD-IDEX meetings, open networking meetings and lunch this afternoon. Check out the PTMI and PLI areas from the Intelligence Bar zone – you will discover there from our leaders what these letters stand for and how can you use them for your business.

  • Go and say “Hello!” to our partners from the exhibiting area, they have some interesting stuff to show you!

  • Starting with 18:30, all the female delegates are welcomed for a drink at the Intelligence Bar area, for one hour dedicated exclusively to networking – we would love to meet and get to know the Women in the Industry!

  • During the evening you can explore the Amsterdam city on your own or spend some time at the Intelligence Bar area, for a cocktail drink and a snack. Enjoy your evening and relax – there is one more day to go!

Friday, 29 September

  • Good days start with a good breakfast. Or so they say. You do your morning routine and get ready for a day fully dedicated to networking.

  • MD-IDEX sessions are taking place starting with 09:30 until 13:30. You will have some coffee breaks and at 13:30, lunch is served – this part of the day takes place in the PTA.

  • Starting with 15:00, the afternoon is reserved for you to enjoy open networking meetings, or just enjoy your time as you wish – but you will do this inside the Hôtel Mövenpick Amsterdam City Centre – the PTA space is getting ready for the evening.

  • From 15:00 until 16:00, female delegates are invited to join the “Women in the Industry” free workshop, with Evie Roos.

  • 19:30 – let’s meet again in the PTA – is going to be a relaxing, fun evening, with plenty of opportunities to network, dance, sing…wait, what? Yes, it’s a fun, casual evening, we will have a party!

After the convention

Save the contacts you made and keep in touch with them.
Answer the Satisfaction Survey – we will use your feedback to improve our events.
Plan to return to the next EPTDA Annual Business Convention.
Hope you got back home safely 😊
Stay in touch with the EPTDA Bureau – you will get new messages from them, including the convention’s video and photos.
Follow EPTDA on LinkedIn and Twitter, and don’t be shy: engage with our content, we love to see you reacting there!

Do you have any questions?

Contact Valentina Tudosa or Koen Lauryssen from the EPTDA Bureau.

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