Products that meet the most demanding applications in automated warehouse systems.

With the acceleration of automation and e-commerce, on top of increasing customer demands, optimising the flow of material handling and logistics has never been more critical. Gates delivers high-performing solutions for automated applications that increase efficiency and productivity within your supply chain. In a world that never stops, we’re here to ensure you don’t either.

See how we keep operations streamlined and processes optimized.

We never stop on safety

Belts are lighter products than chains. This limits the risks from heavy lifting, is easier to install, and requires little to no maintenance. And with zero lubrication required on our abrasion-resistant material, your products and people will be protected from harsh chemicals.

We never stop supporting

Our global footprint and in-region accessibility mean you can get on-site support when needed – keeping facilities and equipment running smoothly. Speak to one of our experts today to see how we can help.

We never stop transforming

Using the latest technology and digital platforms, our engineering tools are designed to find the perfect Gates solution for your specific system across various applications.

Want to design a new belt drive or verify belt installation tension?

Utilizing multiple digital design tools and the most sophisticated belt performance models on the market. Engineering and specifying belt drive systems across various applications is easier and more precise than ever.