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Only EPTDA manufacturer members are eligible to book and host an MD-IDEX table.

The Manufacturer – Distributor IDea EXchange (MD-IDEX) programme features 14 pre-set meeting sessions spread out over 2 days for B2B meetings between manufacturers and distributors.

It is mandatory for EPTDA manufacturer members to host at least one table at the MD-IDEX sessions. The table is booked automatically upon registration of the 1st delegate.

The MD-IDEX table fee for manufacturers is €800 / table and companies can book as many tables as they need. We suggest checking with your colleagues if they have already booked an MD-IDEX table to make sure that each table has at least one company representative.

Find out more about the EPTDA Anti-Trust Policy Statement.

EPTDA Leadership Academy workshop

The EPTDA Leadership Academy is part of the EPTDA Academy concept, representing the main platform for developing the leadership qualities for all aspirational leaders within the PT/MC industry, regardless of their age.

Registration Fee: €200 / participant

Find out more about the EPTDA Leadership Academy.

Social Events

Would you like to attend our social events (Welcome Reception & Dinner and/ OR Casual Closing Event - you can select below your options)? *
Welcome Reception & Dinner on 27 September 2023 (participation is included in the delegate and companion fees)
Casual Closing Event on 29 September 2023 (Participation fee: €100/delegate | Complimentary for your companion)

Charity Donation

As part of its commitment to responsible and ethical business, EPTDA continues its Charity Program. EPTDA and its members jointly donate, every year, to selected causes fulfilled by organizations operating in the destination of EPTDA’s Annual Business Convention. If you would like to join us in this mission, please select the amount you would like to donate for the 2023 program.

*Charity donations are VAT exempt and fiscally deductible in most countries.

Please note that photographs and videos will be taken during events and activities. By submitting this registration, you hereby acknowledge and agree to have these images made available to all participants, published online and used internally for marketing and publicity related purposes.

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